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15. The foamable composition of declare 1, wherein the carrier further includes a gelling agent at a concentration of less than 1% by weight of the service.

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WikimonWe have now a President whose obsession to win at all cost has completely subverted the functioning of the US government. A shaving foam is, by definition, not breakable and thus cannot readily facilitate topical administration of an active ingredient and particularly isn’t well-suited to topical administration of compositions geared towards pores and skin penetration.

The froth composition is helpful and advantageous for the treatment of pores and skin issues and for skincare and cosmetic care. Thus, in one or more embodiments of the current invention, the foamable composition includes urea and a minimum of one pharmaceutical or cosmetic lively agent, as defined hereinbelow.

Uner, M. et al. Skin Moisturizing Effect and Skin Penetration of Ascorbyl Palmitate Entrapped in Strong Lipid Nanoparticles (SLN) and Nanostructured Lipid Carriers (NLC) Incorporated into Hydrogel.” Pharmazie. The term keratolytically energetic agent” as used herein features a compound that loosens and removes the stratum corneum of the pores and skin, or alters the structure of the keratin layers of skin.

20. The foamable composition of claim 1, whereby the surface-energetic agent is about zero.1% to about 5% by weight of the provider. 5. As a consequence of circulate properties of the froth, the froth spreads successfully into folds and wrinkles, thereby providing uniform distribution and absorption of the active agent without the need of intensive rubbing.

Mineral oil (Chemical Abstracts Service Registry number 8012-95-1) is a mix of aliphatic, naphthalenic, and aromatic liquid hydrocarbons that derive from petroleum. Surprisingly, lower surfactant ranges are required to obtain a steady foamable composition, which is most well-liked so as to scale back pores and skin irritations.

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25. The foamable composition of declare 24, wherein the service further comprises a therapeutically effective amount of at least one energetic agent. A shaving foam is, by definition, not breakable and thus can’t readily facilitate topical administration of an lively ingredient and particularly shouldn’t be effectively-fitted to topical administration of compositions geared towards skin penetration.


Beauty and pharmaceutical components which are recognized in the artwork of pharmacology and cosmetology to deal with dermatitis, minor pores and skin irritations, sunburn, heat burn, radiation burn, and inhibit irritation may be beneficially incorporated in the foam composition.

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