You Can Flatter It More With Plus Size Shapewear

You Can Flatter It More With Plus Size Shapewear

Even if you’re oversized, if knitted dresses and sheer tops catch your eye this season, because they’re mine, put them on. Thanks to the shapewear effect that supports and smoothes, you can fit your items just right, showing off your shape with confidence.

You can wear shapewear under any type of outfit, but the magic is evident beneath the sticky fabric. And today’s fabrication is elastic yet lightweight. The new fabrics are also more pliable, so your clothes stay fit and function.

Whether you want to create a silhouette for a form fitting dress or simply want more best shapewear for tummy, make sure you get a proper fit. Once you’ve chosen the best body shaping style for your body type or your particular outfit, do your own “before and after” shows so you can really see the difference.

Avoid choosing a size to “take off 10 pounds”, as you’ll end up squishing out where the shaper ends. Instead, go for a size and style that smooths and transitions comfortably. If you are shopping with a specific outfit in mind, look for foundation garments that target certain body parts.

Thighs. A thigh covering, moderate- control slimmer in microfiber or spandex offers control and shaping beyond basic briefs.

Bottom. Try a panty that features shapewear qualities with a reinforced front support panel, such as a medium control brief. This complete coverage allows skirts and pants to simply glide over your behind and your tummy.

Tummy. Choose plus size waist trainer, which offer control, or high leg briefs, which flatten. Both offer full support and comfort styling.

Full body. A long leg bodysuit smooths and shapes the body from breast to either the hip or the ankle. Look for styles with a hook and eye closure at the crotch or open crotch panel so using the ladies room is easy.

Shapeware in a color closest to your skin tone should be invisible under your clothing. Black works well beneath dark clothing. Keep in mind that white is actually visible even under white clothing items.

Another tip. If you want to wear your own bra, buy a body suit shaper style without an underwire and wear it over your bra for more control and minimizing. Most body suits come in lots of sizes and styles as well.

Skip shapewear that binds, is poorly made or doesn’t breathe. You’ll find some great pieces under labels at Sculptshe Black Friday Promotion.

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